I have painted for about fifteen years using a Japanese classic technique, with the theme of “Light and Shadows. Japanese style technic isusing crushed mineral pigments mixedwith a natural liquid adhesive on thick handmade paper.

“Light and Shadows” has two meanings.One is visible. The other is invisible.We can get this information from our eyes, and most of it is made of light.It is a phenomenon. Then, what are “light and shadows” which are not visible?For me it means two feelings that everyone has in their hearts. Speaking concretely, there are negative feelings and other feelings that exist in memory.As for man, if anyone illuminates the inside of the heart with light, a bright portion and a dark portion will appear.Therefore, we feel pain. If we don’t feel pain, we cannot feel joy. But a shadow is required in order to show the light more clearly.Consequently, I paint the scenery through natural phenomenon and occasionally draw the “shadows” in the heart through the form of a house and a glass.

The series of “Monster” was started when my daughter became 1 year old. I got a lot of inspirations from her. The biggest inspiration was the explosion of development from the human brain. Growing up day by day was very interesting for me. I expressed a rebellious stage of human “Monster #4”, which won the Sell Art Award in Tokyo. It was the biggest prize ever that I have won.


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